The concept of holiday homes was unheard of even a couple of years ago. However, as aspirations of people increase day by day, the idea of owning a second home in a picturesque spot does not seem alien any more. These second or weekend homes are purchased by people in areas that they frequent for a holiday. Mostly a couple of hours away from the city, they are either surrounded by mountains or are situated along a river or sea.

Developers have understood the need for people to own a weekend home which is why they have begun construction of these properties. For instance, Mumbaikars prefer to drive down to Alibaug or Lonavala for the weekend which is why developers are targeting these areas. The demand for weekend homes has reached such heights that developers have started construction apartments in order to accommodate it. Earlier, villas and bungalows were the preferred mode of accommodation. However, the craze to own property in picturesque properties combined with limited budgets make people settle for less luxurious abodes. The most common configurations that are offered as second homes are 3 and 4BHK. These configurations have been drawn up keeping in mind the fact that holiday goers would be more inclined to live in spacious accommodation rather than a compact one that they are used to at home.

Second homes that give access to the picturesque views of the mountains or the sea are more demanded. Needless to say, they are more expensive as well. Some of these communities also have luxury facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, club house and party lawn for residents to go all out during their time spent here. Security is quite tight around such properties as most of them remain empty through the week.

Investing in weekend homes is also a good idea because it can be registered as a commercial property and be sublet as a holiday home or serviced apartment. During on seasons (as in Lonavala where people mostly visit during monsoons) good rentals can be fetched from it.

Rajhans Realty is a reputed property developer of Surat which has several luxury weekend homes projects to its name. These homes are easily accessible from approach roads and highways which make driving in easy. Parking spots are also offered within the complex for home owners. The prices of such properties are quite low compared to cities, which is why this is a good time to invest in them.

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