What Can Portable Trade Show Booths Do For You?

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Business

It is important, when considering portable trade show booths, to ensure that your logo is displayed in the exhibit because this will help you get noticed by potential customers. You should also consider the message and colors you mean to portray, to ensure they stand out, as well. Remember, you only have about five seconds to get their attention and wow them with your compelling message.

People in passing are not going to want to take the time and energy to find out what you do or why you’re there. That’s why you need to make it immediately clear by doing five things.


Graphics are important and should convey what you do and who you are. These should include your message and brands, as well as logo, though remember that it should be crystal clear who you are. While this may sound easy, most people can’t get it right.


Colors can attract people in ways nothing else can and is a great attention-grabber. Think about specific companies that you know with a trademark color, such as Target or Home Depot. When you see red or orange, you probably think about those companies, so find colors that will make people remember you.


Images can be used to highlight your message or tell the company’s story and are easy to understand by everyone. Not everyone enjoys reading, but everyone takes the time to glance at a picture. Make sure those glances count by reinforcing your message. This can include adding your tag line or logo to all images you choose.


While you should use text to get people interested, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Paragraphs and complete sentences may work for most things, but bullet points are typically the best for conveying information at a trade show. Just remember to keep text to a minimum, such as displaying your website address but not your physical one.


Portable booths can help you achieve a flow that is inviting and open. This makes people stop and take notice, but will also get them to your booth. Make sure everything flows naturally, such as entering the space, having staff available to talk with prospective customers and how to get more information. These options will allow you to have a more favorable time and can help you generate more sales.

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