Because dental emergencies can arise at any time, many dental offices now offer emergency dental services. Some oral health issues can be serious and need prompt treatment. It is important for individuals to know what they can expect from the Emergency Dentist in Providence RI. Knowing what to expect will help individuals to be prepared for their appointment so they can receive the dental care they are in need of to avoid tooth loss.

There are many reasons a person might need to see the emergency dentist in Providence RI. One of the most common reasons is tooth injury. When a tooth injury occurs, it can place a tooth in danger. Common tooth injuries include:

*   Chips

*   Cracks

*   Breaks

*   Knockouts

When a tooth is merely chipped, a person will rarely need to seek immediate dental services because the tooth is not in danger. Minor chips can be carefully smoothed with a special dental tool so the tooth does not have a rough edge. If a person is experiencing any tooth pain because of their chip, they need to seek the dentist right away.

Cracks and breaks are more serious because they often expose the nerve and can sometimes lead to serious pain. If the damage runs into the root area, the dentist will likely have to pull the tooth since repairs in this area are difficult and teeth normally begin to experience necrosis. Cracks and breaks need immediate attention so the pain can be brought under control and the damage can be corrected.

Cracks are repaired much like cavities. The damaged areas are smoothed and then the tooth is filled. Breaks require more work and often need a crown to be put in place to prevent further damage from occurring. A crown shields the tooth from damage and makes it look more attractive.

If a tooth injury has occurred, seeing the dentist is vital for ensuring a person’s oral health is not compromised. If you would like to learn more about emergency dental services and what is available, click here. The dentist can protect the health of your teeth, so injuries do not compromise the health of your smile.

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