As a CBAP® trainer, I get SoS calls from CBAP® aspirants every week. Sometimes it’s quite dire. Some of them attempted CBAP® 3 times and all 3 times they failed in their objective of completing CBAP®.

My discussion with them leads to few following common causes:

1. They were told remembering all inputs and outputs in BABoK® will make them pass the certification.

2. The questions they prepared were of scenario nature whereas the actual exam was a mix of scenarios and cases. This happens when some training institutes pass on CBAP® V2 questions as CBAP® V3 questions (even one of the pretty well-known one).

3. I already have 10 years work experience as BA, so wouldn’t I know everything about BA? I can pass CBAP® with self-study and I will get the PD hours by paying few dollars to a lesser known EEP.

My sincere request to all those who want to complete CBAP® is to get yourself guided by someone who really understands the complexity of BABoK® and CBAP® examination.

CBAP® examination in NOT memory based and there is no need for you to remember inputs and outputs.

Practice good number of case and scenario based questions so that you do not get a jolt when you land-up in the exam center.

CBAP® does require 150 to 200 hours of committed effort (if someone says he/she passed in 1 week with 40 hours of preparation, he / she must be a true genius).

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