Medical negligence is on the rise, and patients need to be aware of their rights for pursuing compensation when their doctor causes them injury. It is imperative injured patients hold their doctors accountable for their actions. Because medical negligence claims are so daunting to pursue, it behooves victims to seek legal help from the Medical Negligence Law Attorney in Upper Marlboro MD. An attorney not only helps their client pursue compensation but also protects their rights through the process.

  • There are a few different areas that must be proven for a medical negligence claim:
  • The injured party must have been under the care of the doctor.
  • The doctor must have acted outside of the normal care any other doctor would have provided.
  • The doctor’s negligence must have been the direct cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.
  • The plaintiff must have suffered measurable damages as a result of the negligence.

If a person is injured because of the negligence of their doctor, they have the right to hire a Medical Negligence Law Attorney in Upper Marlboro MD. An attorney will first meet with the injured party and discuss how their injuries occurred. The attorney needs to be given as much information as possible so they can help their client form a case. Since all of the burden, of proof is on the plaintiff’s side, it is imperative a thorough investigation is carried out to gather evidence.

Medical negligence cases first involve pursuing the liability insurance company of the doctor who caused the injuries. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to cover the damages their client caused. The attorney will negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of their client and make sure they are fair in their settlement approach. Should they refuse to be fair, the attorney will pursue compensation via a lawsuit.

If you have been injured while under the care of a doctor, you need to be aware of your rights for pursuing compensation. Contact The Valente Law Group right away and ask them to schedule your consultation appointment so you can get started on pursuing the compensation you deserve.

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