What is a Tongue Ring Barbell?

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Jewelry, Shopping

When you hear of people talking about “tongue rings” it is really a misnomer, unless their tongues are pierced at or very near to the edge of the tongue. “Rings” are circular and cannot fit through a piercing in the center of the tongue. Barbells are what are used as jewelry in a tongue piercing. Tongue ring barbell is a bar with two “balls” or fasteners on either end.

How Does it Work

Once the tongue is pierced the barbell is slipped through hole and secured with a ball on either end. The barbell serves two functions, it keeps the hole open and it also provides decoration. Your tongue piercing is one of the most likely to close so it is important that you wear your barbell consistently.

Your Style Options

Tongue ring barbells come in a wide range of style and material options including:

  • Acrylic
  • Metal
  • Flat bottomed for comfort
  • Enameled finishes
  • And more

Typically, the barbell part of the jewelry is not decorative because it is not seen, but the balls are decorative. You can choose from a wide range of materials and decorative styles to express yourself. Some balls have flowers, designs, sayings, emojis and more. The “balls” that secure the barbell can be flat, diamond shaped, squared, rounded and more. The style options are endless!

State your Style

Whether you are trying to convey a patriotic look or a rock and roll edge, bodyjewelry.com has the perfect style to get your message across. Choose from hundreds of options to show off your piercing and when you need to keep your piercing on the down low, bodyjewelry.com has the solution for that as well. Choose your high-quality barbell for your tongue form one of the most trusted sources in body jewelry!

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