What Is Done During Periodontic Treatments in New London, CT?

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Dentist

When gum disease strikes, individuals need to seek Periodontic Treatments in New London CT. A dentist can treat gum disease in all severities, working to ensure tooth loss is kept to a minimum. The success of treatment will depend on how soon the patient seeks treatment and how severe their condition has become. With this information, individuals will better understand what to expect when they need these treatments for their gums.

When a patient comes in with the symptoms of gum disease, the dentist will first conduct a full examination to determine the degree of the condition. If the disease is in its beginning stages, it is called gingivitis and requires very little intervention. Most of the time, the early stages of the disease can be reversed with proper oral care practices and medicated mouth rinses.

Severe cases of gum disease require deep cleaning to remove the plaque and infection that are in the gum tissue. If pockets of infection have formed, these must be drained and, sometimes, sutured close so the teeth roots will no longer be exposed and cause loosening. Often, antibiotics must be given orally and topically through the gums so the infection can be successfully brought under control.

Periodontal treatments are often needed on a long-term basis, especially when the disease is advanced. Those suffering from the disease will need to see their dentist on a regular basis to keep it under control. In some cases, extensive intervention may be needed, such as gum grafts, laser surgery, and plastic surgery procedures.

If this condition is not properly treated, massive tooth loosening and loss will occur. Patients who have lost their teeth due to the disease can have their teeth replaced with dentures or dental implants. After the disease has been treated, cosmetic treatments are often needed to restore the smile.

If you are experiencing the signs of gum disease, you need to seek the dentist for Periodontic Treatments in New London CT. For further information on the available treatments, visit . Browse their Site and learn about the many dental treatment options they offer so you can make an informed decision.

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