Are you familiar with equity crowdfunding and how exactly it works? Do you know of the opportunities it can provide you with? Are you planning on beginning crowdfunding in equity? Equity crowdfunding occurs online and can offer you securities for private companies. This can be offered to a group of individuals so that they can invest. This can play a big part in capital marketing. Investment into commercial enterprises can require regulation financially and can be provided with securities.

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

This crowdfunding method can allow investors to place their money towards companies that are just beginning, and they can have the opportunity to get equity for doing so. When they give money to a business, they are able to own a small part of the business itself. If the startup business is successful, its value can drastically increase, and the share goes up as well. If a startup business is only looking for smaller investment just to help them get started, funding for follow-up can also be an opportunity.


Crowdfunding with investments can play against laws regarding security because soliciting investments from the public is usually illegal. It may not be illegal if an authority for regulation has examined the situation. Regulators can determine what is not security and what is with a standard rule used in the United States. This is called the Howey Test. This test determines that a transaction can be considered contract for investment if there are four parts. These parts include money exchange, anticipation that profits can rise, it would be from an enterprise commonly known, and the transaction can depend with a focus on efforts put forth by a third party.

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