In Oklahoma, OB-GYNs must complete assessments often to evaluate women and their reproductive health. These assessments determine if the woman will need help conceiving a child or to address reproductive health concerns. The following are details about what is reviewed with an ultrasound in Norman OK.

Pregnancy-Related Requirements

Ultrasounds are used throughout pregnancies. Initially, they are used to confirm the pregnancy and estimate the delivery date. They are also used to determine if there are any fetal abnormalities or conditions that could identify a high-risk pregnancy. The doctor uses the ultrasound to track the baby’s weight throughout the pregnancy and determine when additional actions are needed. These devices can also establish the gender of the baby and whether or not the mother is carrying multiple fetuses.

Assessing Internal Organs

The ultrasound machine enables the doctor to review the internal organs. They can assess the organs for signs of diseases and other conditions that could affect the patient’s health adversely. The doctor can pinpoint a specific organ if the patient is experiencing serious issues or pain. They can also determine if the organs are functioning properly or if further treatment is needed.

Investigating Unknown Masses

Masses in the breasts could be an indicator of cancer. The doctor can explore a mass in the breast via ultrasound. These tactics aren’t as painful as mammograms. They can also help the doctor indicate if the mass could be cancer or if it is a cyst.

Confirmation Strategies for Potential Diseases

Ultrasounds can also present the doctor with further insight into how to treat common illnesses. They can perform an assessment to determine if the patient needs surgery or if an alternative option is available. The doctor can determine at what stage the condition has arrived. This is the defining factor that differentiates the need for surgery and standard treatment.

In Oklahoma, OB-GYNs provide comprehensive care for women. They provide assessments of the reproductive organs. They also manage care for women throughout their pregnancy and at the onset of menopause. Women who wish to acquire services that involve an ultrasound in Norman OK can contact us today.

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