What Kind of Title Services in Ft. Myers, FL are Available?

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Insurance

When it comes to situations involving any type of real estate, it pays to seek help from one of the title services in Ft. Myers, FL. Many of these services offer support to buyers and sellers that are designed to protect the parties in the event of some type of unfortunate occurrence with the transaction. Here are some of the ways that the typical title service can help.

Conducting Title Searches

One of the things that both parties wish to avoid is any type of prior claim on the property offered for sale. Before an offer is accepted and the paperwork to transfer ownership gets underway, it pays to arrange for a title search. Most title services in Ft. Myers, FL have staff who are skilled in investigating the prior deeds and other documentation associated with the property. If any type of irregularity is discovered, there’s the opportunity to remedy the matter before the sale proceeds.

Arranging for Inspections and Appraisals

Most title service providers can help with home inspections prior to the sale completion. These inspections may focus on the home in general, or have to do with the specifics of the plumbing, the wiring, or the roof. As part of the process, the results of those inspections can be taken into consideration when evaluating the current market value of the property.

Aiding in the Creation of Sales Documents

There is quite a bit of paperwork involved with the purchase of a home. When the purchase is financed, there’s even more that needs to be prepared. A title service company representative can make sure no details are overlooked and that there is nothing in any of the documents that is ambiguous. This is important, since the sales documents must spell out the specific covenants the buyer and the seller are making.

There’re many more ways that a title service can help. If the plan it to sell a residential property, contact the team at Omega Title Group. Bring along any existing documents related to the property and talk about what other steps need to be taken. It won’t take long to come up with a plan and have the home ready for prospective buyers to visit.

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