Just like in residential homes, the main drain line of a business can become clogged, causing some of the same problems as residential owners face. Common reasons for clogs include grease, food, straws, mop strings, and feminine hygiene products. Sewer line clogs are more likely to happen in food service businesses due to the high level of grease and food particles that end up going down the drain. This is why it is important business owners hire the professionals for Industrial Drain Line Cleaning Services in OH.

Signs a Business Needs Drain Cleaning

There are a few different signs that will begin to occur when a business needs Industrial Drain Line Cleaning Services in OH. Waiting too long to take care of this issue could lead to a massive backflow of raw sewage into the drains of the business. The following are the most common warning signs there are issues with the drain line.

*     If multiple drains and toilets are becoming clogged on a regular basis or are being slow to drain, this is typically caused by the main drain line becoming compromised with buildup.

*     A business owner may see sewage drainage in the sewer cleanout or it may be overflowing if the drain line is not draining as it should.

*     Business owners may notice their floor drains become filled with raw sewage or smell like raw sewage when the drain line is clogged.

*     When there is a clog in the main drain line, water will begin to back into the sinks when the toilets are flushed.

Business owners who notice any of the above signs need to call in the professionals for thorough drain cleaning services. These services will use high-powered water cleaning devices to thoroughly clean out the line so it flows properly again.

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