In Georgia, septic tanks are installed to collect and eliminate waste products from home. The systems are used primarily for mobile homes, but some property owners in more rural areas may also require the aerobic tanks. A local service provider offers Septic Tank Installation in Mcdonough GA for all residential property owners.

The Percolation Test

All property owners who want to install a septic tank must schedule a percolation test. The test is needed to determine if the soil will absorb fluids after the septic tank is installed. The septic tank is needed to eliminate waste products and force them into the sewage lines. If the soil fails the percolation test, a septic tank cannot be installed.

Locate the Right Space for the Septic Tank

The installation team must position the septic tank into a location in which the tank can reach the sewage lines effectively. The service provider must communicate with local utility companies to avoid damaging the existing water or sewage lines. Once the right location is established, the installation team marks off the space.

Excavating the Property

The service provider uses a backhoe and other excavation tools to lift and remove the soil within the target area. The hole for the septic tank meets the measurements for the tank itself. The team will need additional clearance to connect the tank to the sewage lines. The installation team must also avoid operating the machinery in areas that could cause damage to other utility connections underground.

Installing the Septic Tank

The installation team lowers the septic tank into the hole carefully. Next, all connections to the sewage and water lines are established and secured. Gravel is placed around the edges of the septic tank. The service provider covers the septic tank completely.

In Georgia, septic tanks are used to collect and force waste products out of residential properties. The systems connect to sewage lines directly and prevent unsanitary conditions around and inside the property. Installation teams must install the system underground and cover it properly. The systems will also require cleaning at regular intervals. Property owners who want to schedule a Septic Tank Installation in Mcdonough GA contact MTG Services right now.

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