What Swimming Pool Supplies in Kansas City Are Really Necessary?

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Swimming Pools and Spas

Owning a backyard pool can be a great pleasure, particularly on summer days that might otherwise be uncomfortably hot. Owning a pool also comes with a large degree of responsibility though. It must be adequately maintained in order to provide a safe and comfortable swimming environment for anyone using it. Many pool owners opt to contract maintenance services through a dedicated company. Those that want to take a more DIY approach may want to read on to find out what kind of Swimming Pool Supplies in Kansas City they will need to maintain their pools themselves.

Pool Chemicals

It’s important to keep the water sanitary by periodically shocking it with chlorine, but chlorine is not the only chemical additive necessary to keep a backyard pool sanitary, comfortable, and free of algae. Algae prevention treatments and pH balancing kits are equally important. Those who find that the regular chemical additives necessary for pool maintenance are making their water too hard may also want to purchase water softeners.

Pool Cleaners

When it comes to keeping the pool clean and free of debris there are two different routes homeowners can take: one is to purchase an automatic system. The other is to do it by hand. Automatic systems are generally more expensive, but they save a lot of time and hassle. They scrub floors, walls, and water lines to ensure that no buildup is occurring. Those who prefer a more hands-on experience might want to purchase Spa Cleaning Mitts. These are equally effective at cleaning oil, dirt, and other forms of buildup off the walls and water lines, although the average swimmer would be hard-pressed to clean the floor adequately with them. Just be sure to clean regularly.

Pool Vacuums

It’s important to buy the right kind of pool vacuum. Keep in mind that in-ground pools require a different kind of vacuum than above-ground pools and purchase accordingly. Vacuums work with the pool’s existing filter to remove leaves and other floating debris. The hands-on alternative typically involves a net and a substantial amount of wasted time.

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