A person who has not been to a dental clinic for a checkup in many years may feel nervous about going. This person may be anxious about the possibility of cavities and about being judged negatively for delaying a dental exam for so long. But the patient is completely welcome at clinics providing Family Dental Treatment in Midwest City OK, where dentists and hygienists just want everyone to stay as healthy as possible. These clinics can be considered no-judgment zones.

Be Honest

The first step is to be honest when calling for an appointment. The team then knows this appointment will probably last longer than usual because more time will be required to get the teeth fully clean. Hygienists use special tools to remove tartar, and a larger buildup of this hard material means more time in the dental chair.

The Possibility of Tooth Decay

During Family Dental Treatment in Midwest City OK, the dentist may find a cavity or two, which the patient should not be upset about. Most adults develop a small amount of tooth decay in their permanent teeth at some point. If the individual has been very conscientious about oral hygiene, however, the checkup may be a completely positive one with no signs of decay.

A Rejuvenated Smile

After the appointment, the patient will probably be surprised at how rejuvenated his or her smile is. Over the many years without a professional cleaning and polishing, the teeth have probably become more discolored than they would normally have. Some amount of staining from foods and beverages can be removed with the polishing brush and paste. A small amount of tartar may have accumulated on the front of the teeth too after all that time, and now it’s gone.

In the Future

In the future, regular appointments at a practice like Sunnylane Family Dentistry will help keep the patient’s mouth healthy and the smile bright. Catching tooth decay in its very early stages prevents it from spreading. The dentist will see any early signs of gum disease and guide the patient toward more effective oral hygiene. Anyone who wants to schedule an appointment for gentle dental care may click here. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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