Trying a new treatment can be nerve wracking, and this is how many feel about chiropractic care. However, there is nothing to be nervous about. Instead, if you are like most people, you can find many benefits of this medical therapy. Knowing what to expect will help you seek treatment with confidence at your West Loop chiropractor.

Your First Visit

At your first visit or consultation, your chiropractor will have you fill out a form on your general health history, perform an exam related to your spine and other areas of concern such as your ribcage, hips, or other joints that may be causing you pain. Additional examinations may be recommended, including X-rays. Depending on what is found in the exam, your provider may begin treatment the same day.


Your provider will help position you in a way that is most conducive to your individual adjustment needs. Often, this will include laying on a special bed- similar to a massage bed- face up or face down depending on what areas they are treating. Your provider will use their hands to manipulate areas that are out of place. You may hear clicking or popping as this happens. This is painless and normal, and should not cause concern.

Sometimes they will also use a tool called an activator. This is a spring-loaded mechanical instrument used to stimulate a specific point. Use of an activator can be scary your first time, but it does not hurt.

After Care

After treatment, you may experience mild soreness in the areas that were addressed. This is quite common. You can ask your provider what methods are appropriate to relieve any discomfort. They may suggest rest, Tylenol, and/or heat and ice treatment. If you experience pain longer than a couple of days, further treatment may be necessary. Contact your provider for further instruction.

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