The US Federal Government is responsible for overseeing and managing Social Security. Social Security has been a very important part of the American social landscape since it was signed into law during the term of President Franklin D. Roosevelt; over the years the program has changed little. Social Security provides cash benefits to those who have reached the age of retirement as well as those who suffer from a disability, be it physical or mental in nature. It is no real problem when the applicant is applying for his or her retirement benefits; this unfortunately is not the case when the application is for disability benefits. Many disabled individuals will turn to a disability lawyer in Michigan to help, these skilled legal professionals know the complex laws, rules and regulations that apply and they know from experience what the SSA, Social Security Administration want to see in the way of support for the application or a subsequent appeal.

Many people are not exactly sure what Social Security is all about; they are often of the opinion that because they pay for it through FICA an application for benefits is little more than a formality and once an application is made it will be honored. Nothing could be further from the truth; if the application is for disability benefits there must be no doubt that the applicant is incapable of doing any meaningful work. Once the application is in the hands of the administration it is subjected to a very rigorous process and in the majority of cases benefits are denied. A disability lawyer in Michigan knows what proof the administration is looking for, the lawyer can advise the applicant on the best way to prove that they are disabled and they warrant approval of benefits.

Perhaps one quarter of the applications that are made for disability benefits are approved, this leaves the remaining three quarters with little more than a denial letter and instructions on how to appeal. It is at this time when the disability lawyer can be of tremendous assistance. When the application is denied, the lawyer will immediately request reconsideration, rarely does this result in approval so the lawyer files a motion for an administrative hearing. This hearing, although quite informal, is held in the presence of an administrative law judge. The lawyer and the lawyer’s client will argue forcefully that the disability is real and benefits should be granted. The lawyer will support his or her argument with substantiating documentation from doctors as well as physical proof that the applicant is not capable of working.

There are no guarantees when dealing with the SSA, should the administrative review fail, the applicant and his lawyer has other forms of recourse which include suing Social Security in US district court.

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