When someone suffers from an injury that limits the range of motion they can use in a leg or arm, steps to get the limb back into good working order is likely to be a concern. When a physician recommends going for Physical Therapy in West Fargo ND, a patient may be a bit apprehensive about the process. Here is are some of the steps a physical therapist will take to aid in getting an arm or leg healed as soon as possible.

Application Of Cool Or Warm Temperatures

A physical therapist will ask questions pertaining to how the injury had happened before they start treatment. This information will help them decide what type of temperature therapy to use to help relieve pain felt. If the injury happened only a few days prior to an appointment, it is likely ice will be used to help in the reducing of swelling in the area of the injury. After swelling diminishes, heat will be applied instead. The therapist will monitor the condition of the skin throughout the application of temperature changing towels or ice packs. This is usually done for several minutes for the best results.

Light Massage And Electric Stimulation Therapy

A physical therapist will get muscles moving in the area of the injury with the application of light massage. They will use their hands to help to get blood to circulate in the affected areas. Electric stimulation equipment may also be used to help relieve discomfort in the affected areas

Monitoring Of Exercises To Strengthen Limbs

Exercising after getting injured will help to get muscles back into their previous state. A physical therapist will be able to recommend appropriate light exercises to be done under their watchful eye. These exercises will intensify in frequency and duration when progress starts being shown, helping to regain strength in the affected area.

Selecting the right practice to help with mobility problems is important. When looking for a practitioner that offers Physical Therapy in West Fargo ND, consider checking out Rehabauthority.com. Information about the practice can be obtained and a call can be made to schedule an appointment.

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