What to Expect from Commercial Real Estate Litigation in Williamsport, MD

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Maryland, businesses must acquire a property for their company. They may choose to build their own property, purchase an existing structure, or rent a space locally. During these processes, it is possible for the business owner to experience major issues. These issues can often lead to the need for a lawsuit to settle. The following are details about what to expect from commercial real estate in litigation Williamsport, MD.

Defining Property Lines

At any time that the company and a neighboring property owner have a property line dispute legal action is imminent. Typically, if the property lines aren’t well defined, these parties aren’t sure where their property ends and the other starts. This can lead to issues when either party wants to add a structure between the properties such as a fence. To settle these disputes, the land must be surveyed to define these property lines.

Filing a Lawsuit for Breach of Contract

When a business owner chooses a new construction, they have the right to inspect the project at any time. If the contractor fails to provide with the property they purchased, they can file a claim against the contractor if they don’t remedy these conditions. These issues often lead to a breach of contract lawsuit.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

If the business owner is renting a space, the landlord must fulfill all obligations to the business owner. This includes maintaining the structure and eliminating possible premises liabilities. In addition, if these liabilities aren’t managed, the business owner could face injury cases if a visitor sustains an injury. For this reason, the business owner may file a claim to acquire the necessary repairs and shift the blame. If the property owner is liable, the injury claim is filed against them instead of the business owner.

In Maryland, businesses acquire a physical location through an array of options. These options include new constructions, rentals, and the purchase of existing properties. If they don’t acquire all contractual obligations, they can file a claim against the other party. Business owners who need to start commercial real estate in litigation Williamsport, MD an contact Bonnie A. Winders, LLC. and schedule an appointment.

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