Losing a loved one is very difficult. After the person passes, family members will be designated to plan the funeral. One of the biggest parts of planning the funeral is sitting down with funeral directors Atlantic Highlands. If the individual has never planned a funeral before, there are a few things they should know before going to the funeral home.

Set Aside Enough Time

Before going to meet with the funeral director, the individual should make sure they have set aside enough time. It will take an hour or two for the individual to speak with the funeral director and make the necessary arrangements.

Bring the Necessary Items

Before the individual goes to the funeral home, they are going to need to have a few things with them. First, they should bring a supportive friend or family member because the process can be very painful. They should also bring the information necessary, including the death certificate. If the deceased loved one preplanned their funeral or already reserved a burial site, they should bring those documents. If the person is planning a viewing, they should bring clothes for the deceased to be dressed in and a recent photo. Finally, they should bring their credit card or checkbook. If they bring everything they are going to need, there will be no delays.

Have the Details In Mind Ahead of Time

Before the individual goes to meet with the funeral director Atlantic Highlands, they should have an idea of what they want the service to look like. The individual should know whether they want a spiritual or a religious service so the funeral director can contact the right person. They should also have an idea of the type of music they want, the photos they want to be displayed, and whether they are going to have a private or public viewing. The funeral director will help with the obituary, so the individual should have an idea of what they want it to say.

Before the meeting with the Funeral Directors Atlantic Highlands, the person planning the funeral should be prepared. This will prevent them from having to return to the funeral home and avoid delays. For more information, contact the John P. Condon Funeral Home.

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