Air Conditioning in New Haven IN is an essential need in the months of stifling heat. Cooling systems should undergo inspection and maintenance before the season begins. This is a precautionary measure and the best way to protect the life of the equipment.

What Maintenance and Repair Entails

There are several steps involved in air conditioning maintenance. The air conditioning filters will likely be checked first. Filters are one of a few parts that need routine maintenance for the machine to run properly. Filters will either be cleaned or replaced when a technician inspects the unit every year.

Air conditioner evaporator coils accumulate dirt throughout years of use. Also, clean filters prevent evaporator coils from soiling. Dirty coils suppress airflow and inhibit the ability to absorb heat. The technician will clean coils on each maintenance visit.

The coil fins, which are made of aluminum, can bend easily and block air circulation. There is a tool called a fin comb that combs the fins back into proper positioning. A technician will use these when coil fins are bending.

Condensate drains channels may need a wire sent through them when they are clogged. Clogged drain channels make it harder for the unit to reduce humidity. All the above descriptions are critical steps in maintenance and repair for Air Conditioning in New Haven IN.

Air Conditioning Types for New Installation

Air conditioners cool buildings by taking heat from the air. Most of them work in a similar way to a refrigerator. A compressor on the outside has a fluid called refrigerant. The fluid repeats the process of changing from a liquid to a gas. It absorbs heat as it changes to a gas.

Room air conditioners use one unit mounted to a wall or window. The units are meant to cool one room and are ideal for a small home or apartment. It is an economical choice and very efficient at cooling a single living space.

Central cooling systems heat an entire home by a large outdoor compressor unit. A coil that contains refrigerant cools the air and is sent through ducts to each room.

Heat pumps can be compared to central heating systems. The biggest difference is heat pumps can cool and heat the air. Heat pumps are productive and energy efficient. Click Here to learn more.

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