What to Know about Agricultural Pest Control in Eau Claire, WI

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Pest Control

Whether one owns a home, a business, livestock or an agricultural farm, having to deal with various pests can create a less than the harmonious atmosphere. No one wants to deal with fire ants, wasps, mosquitoes, mice and other critters that are a bother and create havoc for the inhabitants and their property. Some of these pests are merely a nuisance, but many others can cause great harm, such as those that infest a farmer’s crops. There is a contractor that offers Agricultural Pest Control in Eau Claire WI.

There are many kinds of pests, and some are unique to those causing problems specifically for farmers and other agricultural businesses. If left unchecked, some may cause problems with apple orchards or orange groves. Some may become a problem in storage silos where farmers store different grains. Some are injurious to other farming products such as soybeans and oats. Whatever it is, when deciding to get rid of the pests, there must be an eco-friendly manner in doing so. The customers should only deal with those contractors who are concerned about the state of the environment.

When selecting a pest control contractor, find out about the hazards of the various pest control methods used. If chemicals must be used, find out if they are harmful to the environment, or children that might be playing outside. Ensure that anything used is not something that might be potentially harmful to farm animals, if you have them, or to pets who might be outside. Particularly in Wisconsin, there are problems escalating for farmers with the brown marmorated stink bug. Choosing a pest control contractor who is up-to-date on how to deal with this specific bug epidemic will be a plus.

1st Choice Pest Solutions has been providing quality pest control for residential, agricultural and commercial customers in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin areas for many years. The pest contractor offers free estimates and free identification of the pests to customers. First time customers are offered a 25 percent discount.

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