What to Look for in a Catering Hall in Suffolk County NY

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Business

Depending on the event, there are certain things to look for when deciding upon a Catering Hall in Suffolk County NY. If the event is a birthday party, for example, a small area to set up a lunch buffet and space for some tables and chairs is all that is needed. A small hall will be plenty of room. The same is true for a baby shower, bridal shower, or club meeting. Renting a hall for a few hours will not be expensive and be better than stuffing everyone into a living room or a Church basement.

A Catering Hall in Suffolk County NY for a wedding reception or special anniversary will require more accoutrements. A large dance floor, for example, is essential. A wood floor is ideal because it is smooth, easy to glide over, and perfect for ballroom style dancing. A waltz, for example, looks and sounds much better on a wood floor than any other material. Lighting, a sound system, and some DJ equipment is also important. Space for a bar and enough room for servers to work the buffet table is required as well. The evening will get dull fast if people have no space to mingle, sit, or dance.

Ask about air conditioning prior to booking a hall. It is not safe to assume there is an air conditioning system. Considering the fact that many weddings occur in warmer weather, it is an important factor if dancing is involved. The room will get stuffy as people begin to mingle about, stand in line for food, and dance the night away. The lights will get hot quickly, and guests will become uncomfortable, as will the bride dressed in a gown. It is also wise to make sure the heating works well if the event is planned for winter.

A central location with plenty of parking is a plus for any event. No one wants to park blocks away and walk to an event in high heels. Finding a hall that is easy to locate will help out-of-town guests make their way without getting lost. Catering halls with a lot of experience, such as Ballroom Factory Dance Studio, will be able to answer all questions and recommend area vendors and services to help with planning the event.

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