What to Look for in Radon Removal Services

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Business

Radon is a serious issue, and for too many homes, it’s one they’ll never detect. Radon is odorless, invisible, and virtually untraceable to the human senses. Therefore, you have to go out of your way and find a professional radon services company – which can be a challenge – to have a look at your home and inspect it for radon levels.
However, with these tips, you can make finding a service you can rely on much, much easier.

Understand the Threat

Before you can follow through with finding the right service to work with, you have to know all that homeowners should know about radon. It’s naturally occurring, in some areas more than others, and it’s so small that it easily passes through concrete, soil paper, plastic, and other barriers and methods of insulation. It’s a serious threat that kills over 21,000 people a year as per the CDC.

That’s what makes it a challenge to remove, but not an impossibility.

Find a Company with Free Resources

Your first goal is to find a company that puts a priority on being a good source of information for its customers. That means offering free resources to inform people about the threats of radon, how radon levels are detected, how it occurs, what dangers it poses, and the best way companies can stay safe from the threat of radon poisoning.

Focus on Excellent Customer Service

When working with a team to eliminate radon from your home – or at the very least mitigate the risk so it becomes a non-issue – trust is very important. Equally so, the reputation of a company and its capacity to communicate with customers matters immensely. When choosing your radon mitigation services crew, make sure it’s a company you can depend on, like SWAT Environmental.

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