When one’s business is dependent upon pneumatic tools to engage in work, it is catastrophic when these tools breakdown on the job. This is especially true when the tools are the actual air compressors themselves. Luckily, there is a nice and easy way to avoid having to purchase new air compressors. The solution is to purchase Used Air Compressors PA. Here are some tips on what to look out for when doing so.

Do Not Skimp On Strength

Purchase the most powerful air compressor appropriate for the job being performed. It is pointless to try and save money by buying a less powerful air compressor as it will not be capable of doing the job properly and will need to be replaced anyways. If the work being done is of an industrial or large-scale nature, experts recommend buying oil-lubricated air compressor as they are more powerful and have higher CFM ratings. Many also offer the option of either twin tanks or one large tank.


If the compressor will be used indoors, an electric model is the Used Air Compressors PA which will be needed. This is because electric models produce no exhaust which is extremely harmful when trapped indoors. One thing that should be inquired about when buying electric is where it was used and how it was used. If the compressor setup was done in an improper fashion, it could lead to problems later on down the line which could not only damage the compressor but the equipment it is powering as well.


Gas-powered air compressors from Air Center Inc. are the domain of outdoor job sites. They tend to be much more powerful than their electric cousins but do need plenty of ventilation for the exhaust to dissipate. Some models also require oil as part of their cooling system. One thing to look for when buying gas models is unusual wear around the filters, hoses, and tanks. Some people have also reported buying from individuals and receiving compressors with faulty pressure regulators. It does no harm to ask to put the compressor through a “trial run: before purchasing.

Visit the website for a great selection of used air compressor models of all sizes and strengths. They will have something for the job you need it for.

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