Incidents occur in people’s lives that sometimes are beyond control. These incidents (or accidents) sometimes lead to unfortunate disfigurement of the body, limbs or face. When a person experiences Facial Trauma such as from a motorcycle accident, a sports injury, an occupational injury or domestic violence, it may require the skill of a maxillofacial surgeon. These injuries resulting in trauma to the face are usually soft tissue injuries, which would include the gums and skin, bone injuries such as various fractures, or other injuries, such as one might find with the eyes or facial nerves.

If you need a dentist or oral surgeon to do soft tissue repairs, it would require the use of sutures for facial lacerations. Care is taken to make the surgical technique cosmetically or aesthetically appealing as possible. If you require bone injury repair, your fracture will be treated just as fractures are treated in any other bodily fracture. It is obvious that a cast cannot be placed on the face. Instead, the jaw joints may be wired together to prevent movement. In other cases, there may be small screws and plates inserted instead.

If your trauma involves the teeth, several dental specialists may be involved in correcting the problems. Teeth that are knocked out should be preserved in milk or salt water until they can be replaced. Of course, the quicker the teeth can be re-inserted back into the empty socket, the greater the chance of the patient being able to save the tooth. Other dental specialists that may be involved are endodontists and restorative dental specialists. Sometimes, the case may severe enough to wear the patient will have to have partial dentures or a full denture set, in the worst case scenario.

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