There are lots of reasons why business owners don’t want trash piling up near their commercial location. Aside from the fact that it looks bad and probably smells bad, it can be a hazard to employees and customers. Business owners in the market for commercial Trash Removal Service in Long Island NY have several things they need to keep in mind as they look into their options.

Daily or Weekly Service

One of the biggest decisions that need to be made is how often trash pickup needs to take place. Some locations might be content with the trucks coming around once or twice a week. On the other hand, there are some companies that won’t be able to go more than a day without having their trash picked up. Decide this in advance as it will affect the cost of Trash Removal Service in Long Island NY. The idea is to choose the most cost-effective option while still getting the necessary service.


Find out if recycling is available as part of the trash removal services. There are lots of reasons why this can be beneficial to local companies. It can be important to consumers that the companies they work with are environmentally friendly. Recycling makes this easy. At the same time, larger things like cardboard boxes can be flattened and placed in a separate location from the rest of the trash, cutting back on the number of pickups that a company needs.

Cost and Payment

Before setting up service, find out just how much it is going to cost for trash removal services and possible recycling services. Adjustments can be made to the number of times the service comes out and even the size of the dumpster to change the overall price. At the same time, find out how the services are billed and when payments are due.

If you’re new to the area and need to set up trash removal or your company is going through a major renovation, contact V. Garofalo Carting Inc. In addition to daily and weekly service, the company offers roll-off containers and even demolition services. It’s easy to get all of your commercial trash needs taken care of by one dependable and experienced local company.

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