If you have water in your basement or cracks in your foundation, you may need foundation repair. A damaged foundation will never get better on its own and eventually it could cause structural damage to your home. Below are some common questions you may have about your Home Foundation in Oklahoma City.

Q.) What are the signs of foundation problems?
A.) In your basement, you may have long cracks in your walls or you may even notice that your walls are leaning inward. Water will seep into the cracks and cause you to have a wet basement. Inside your house, you may notice cracks in your ceiling, floors and walls. Often these cracks will be at the edges of windows and doors. On the outside of your house, look for cracked mortar between the bricks in a stair step pattern.

Q.) Since my house isn’t very old, I can’t be having foundation problems. Doesn’t that only happen to older homes?
A.) Foundation problems occur mostly in older homes, but a newer home can have foundation problems as well. Causes of foundation problems include a poor drainage system, faulty home construction, insufficient ground preparation prior to the construction of your home and ground settling.

Q.) Why should I have repairs done on my Home Foundation in Oklahoma City?
A.) If you ever decide to sell your home, you may not be able to sell it if it has foundation problems. Most home buyers don’t want to purchase a house that has a damaged foundation. If you don’t ever plan on selling your home, a damaged foundation can become a safety issue. A sinking foundation puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the structure of your house and it will only get worse. Foundation problems don’t ever go away and the longer that you wait to fix them, the more money you’ll have to pay for repairs. In extreme cases, the entire structure of your house could collapse due to the damaged foundation.

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