What’s the Point of a Four Hands Massage?

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Health

It seems there is a wide world of massages out there so how can you choose the right type for your relaxation needs? If you are in need of complex therapy and full-fledged relaxation, four hands massage therapy may be just the ticket. As the name implies, a session of four hands massage therapy in Danbury uses four hands instead of two. A pair of masseuses will work together to give you a deep massage meant to get rid of all sorts of pain-related ailments and relax you to the bone. Here are some great advantages to seeking out this type of massage.

It Soothes All Types of Ailments

Four hands massages offer a wide variety of health benefits to the receiver. For instance, it can minimize the development of cellulite and stretch marks, ease pain in the muscles, moisturize and tighten up the skin, alleviate anxiety and stress, stimulate various bodily systems, including the circulatory and immune systems and so much more.

It Eases Mental Burdens

Four hands massage therapy is designed to flow along the body, with two masseuses performing harmoniously as they work to ease your muscles. You may find yourself falling into this flow and letting yourself drift off into the rhythm of it, which many would describe as an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

It’s a More Complex Experience

Four hands massage therapy in Danbury is far more than a simple backrub. The masseuses in charge of your massage will generally throw their full body weight into the procedure to reach those deeply buried muscles and ease tension all throughout your body. Because there are two masseuses, they can also cover more of the body more easily and in a shorter amount of time than if it were one masseuse working alone.

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