There’s no denying drug addiction is a serious issue. By many, it is considered to be a serious personal and health crisis that needs to be treated professionally as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the majority of addicts won’t acknowledge they have a problem, making it difficult to convince them to seek the treatment they need. Those who love the person with the addiction may also turn their blinders on, so to speak, and remain in denial about the issue.

As the old adage says, in order to fix a problem, you must first admit there is one in the first place. Here are some signs someone has let their opioid usage grow out of control.

You Cannot Tell the Truth About Your Usage Habits

A major red flag for any kind of habit or behavior is the inability to tell the truth about what you’re doing, as well as how often. Frequently, this means the person in question knows deep down what they’re doing isn’t healthy or okay, but they aren’t willing to admit that to anyone else, much less themselves. It is literally a means of withholding information and can deeply hurt one’s chances of recovery.

Your Education and/or Career Has Suffered Due to Your Usage Habits

The worse your addiction becomes, the more every aspect of your life will suffer for it. Many addicts find themselves losing their friends, their jobs, their homes, their families and so much more, all because they waited too long to seek the help they needed and deserved. You don’t have to let this happen to you. If you have started neglecting your responsibilities in order to use, it may be time to look into the best drug treatment programs in your area in order to find professional and effective help.

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