A dental crown is often called a jacket and for a very good reason, crowns in Arlington Heights are permanent coverings for teeth. Crowns can be all metal, all resin or a combination of metal and ceramic. An all metal crown is by far the strongest but they are not the most attractive solution, they are ideal for teeth in the back of the mouth, these teeth take the most pressure and are out of sight. The majority of people opt for porcelain fused to metal, they are strong and attractive.

When are crowns used?

There are numerous situations where crowns in Arlington Heights are the best solution, including:

* Large filling: If more than half the tooth is decayed and has to be removed prior to treatment a crown, rather than a filling, is the better choice. When a great deal of a tooth is missing, the tooth is weakened considerably and is prone to fracture.

* Root canal: When a dentist performs a root canal the center of the tooth is removed. As the tooth is basically a shell, it is predisposed to cracking when pressure is placed on it. Any tooth that has had a root canal should be finished off with a crown.

* Excessive tooth wear: There are many instances where a tooth will wear down, this can be caused by excessive grinding or simply age. As the tooth wears down the enamel will either wear through or become extremely thin, when this happens the tooth looses strength. The only way to repair a situation like this is a crown.

Patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth will often have the imperfections corrected with crowns in Arlington Heights. Teeth which are discolored, shaped oddly or are spaced improperly can be made to look beautiful with crowns.

There are numerous reasons why your dentist will suggest crowns. If you have a dental problem that can be corrected with crowns in Arlington Heights you are invited to make an appointment with James Kakos, DDS.

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