When It Is Time To Call On A Personal Injury Lawyer

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Legal Services

Contrary to what many people think, just because someone has an accident that was because of the negligence of someone else doesn’t automatically mean the injured person needs to hire a lawyer. The simple fact is that these situations are often handled civilly without the need for lawyers, courts or anything like that. However, when an injured person isn’t being treated fairly by the responsible party, it may be time to consider getting help from a Personal Injury Lawyer.

There are many ways an injury lawyer may be able to help in situations where a person has been injured through no fault of their own. The first is to consult with an injured person as to the settlement that the at-fault party or their insurance company offers.

Sometimes, these settlements are spot on. Other times, depending on the serious nature of the injuries sustained, the offer may be grossly undervalued. In any case, an attorney can help the injured party know whether to reject or accept the settlement offer. This is important because once the settlement offer has been accepted, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to revisit it.

Another area where a Personal Injury Lawyer can be helpful is when insurance companies or at fault parties don’t offer any compensation at all. This usually stems from two things. The first is a desire for the insurance company to pay out as little as possible. The less they pay out, the more money they get to keep. This can be especially significant if the injuries from the accident are significant and life-altering.

Secondly, the insurance company, to justify not paying out, may try to argue that the injured party was somehow responsible for their injuries. In these situations, an injury lawyer may be the only one who can fight against untrue claims made by an insurance company looking to pad its bottom line.

There are many other nuances in a personal injury case that an attorney will need to deal with. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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