Part of the responsibility of owning a home is making sure that the structure is maintained properly. When it comes to the matter of roof replacement, it is important to recognize when the time has come to call a professional contractor and install a new roof. Here are some examples of situations that may call for this type of action. The Roof is Over Ten Years Old While many roof designs are intended to last for up to fifteen years, it never hurts to begin thinking about a replacement once the roof has passed the age of ten.

A good way to stay on top of the situation is to have the roof inspected at least annually once that ten-year mark is reached. A professional can assess the roof, identify any issues that are developing and make recommendations on whether to make repairs or start thinking about a whole new roof. Lots of Bad Weather LatelyDuring certain seasons, the weather can place additional stress on a roof. When a season includes unusually high winds, lots of driving rain, and possibly some hail, there is a good chance that the roof has sustained a significant amount of damage. While it never hurts to check into the cost of a repair, always compare that cost with the expense of a complete replacement.

If there is not much difference between the two, and the current roof has been in place for quite a few years, it is a wise move to move ahead with a Roof Replacement. The Roof is LeakingAs a roof begins to fail, it does not take unusually bad weather for it to begin leaking. When the homeowner begins to notice what appears to be wet spots on the ceiling, that is a sure sign that the roof is no longer offering a reasonable level of protection. Call a contractor at once and have the roof checked. If the condition of the roof will require extensive repairs, there is a good chance that replacing it completely will be the best bet in the long run.

For homeowners who think that the time for a replacement is approaching, contact the experts at ARC Contracting. They can examine the roof closely and explain to the owner the pros and cons associated with both repairs and a total replacement. With that information in hand, the owner can make an informed decision.



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