High-quality windows can be expected to last as long as several decades, depending on the material used in their construction, but they can’t last forever. Most homeowners dread purchasing new windows, as it often requires replacing more than one Window in El Paso TX to maintain consistency. Putting off necessary repairs or replacements can only lead to additional damage, so it’s best to keep an eye out for these early warning signs of window failure and have a plan in mind.

Warped Frame

Often a broken window can be repaired instead of replaced, but there are some circumstances in which this is just not possible. When the frame is warped or broken, though, it is almost always more cost-effective to have it replaced. Even if the window can be fixed temporarily, the most likely outcome is foggy glass and unwanted drafts. Chances are a repair will only put off the inevitable for a matter of months before buying a replacement window becomes absolutely necessary.

High Energy Bills

Older windows simply aren’t as energy efficient as newer models, and no amount of repairs can fix it. Sealing around the frames can help to reduce drafts, but newer windows are specifically designed with energy efficiency in mind. They utilize double and triple paned glass and other recently developed technologies that just weren’t around until recently.

Recent Storms

In areas like El Paso, where storms are not a frequent occurrence, homes often aren’t built to withstand extreme weather. Often windows that were in decent shape before the storm hit end up damaged and need to be replaced. It’s not a bad idea to look into more weather-resistant alternatives in order to prepare for future storms.

Placing a Home on the Market

One of the most common reasons for replacing all the windows in a home is increased property value. New windows will make even an older home look like it is in better repair, improving its curb appeal and making a better impression on potential buyers.

Looking to replace an old Window in El Paso TX and not sure where to turn? The Window Depot offers an incredible array of options and can special-order frames when necessary to match existing windows. Learn more online today or head to a local showroom.

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