Out in nature, fungi are quite common, often appearing on dead or dying trees as they begin to break down. In residential homes, though, some forms of fungus can endanger the health of structures and their inhabitants, so it’s important not to take the invasion of fungi into a crawlspace, basement, or another area of the home lightly. Read on to find out more about fungi and when to call a Fungus Removal Service in Alexandria VA to find out how to tackle the problem before it becomes serious.

Growing Conditions

Fungi develop almost exclusively on wood that is exposed to consistently wet conditions. There are many types of fungi, which can make them difficult to identify. Homeowners who notice white patches on wood that has been exposed to too much moisture are likely seeing fungi, but there are also varieties that are brown or even black.

Negative Impacts of Fungi

Breathing the spores is bad for human health. This information should be enough to convince homeowners to call a Fungus Removal Service in Alexandria VA as soon as they notice these unpleasant growths. Those who are still on the fence about how seriously to take their problems should also note that a fungus can compromise the structural integrity of their homes.

Since fungus grows on wood that has already been compromised by excessive moisture or dry rot, it indicates that the wood is already weak. The end result of ignoring fungal growth is almost always more expensive repairs.

Home Treatments

There are some steps that homeowners can take to begin getting their homes’ fungus problems under control. These include removing the source of moisture and using borate chemicals or other commercially available fungus treatments. The wood can also be strengthened through the use of targeted wood treatments once the fungus has been removed.

When to Call a Professional

If anyone in the household suffers from allergies or the extent of the fungus problem is already quite bad, it’s usually best to call in a pro instead of tackling the problem alone. Those who simply don’t have time to do the work themselves can also check out PMSI Mold Treatment Division online or call to learn about the fungus treatments offered by one local company.

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