When you use trailers to transport vehicles and other equipment to a variety of locations, it is important the trailers you use are in the best shape possible. This keeps you safe, and ensures that your delivery will make it to its final destination without issue. While there are some basic issues that you can fix on your own, there are times when your repair work is best left to the professionals. Don’t think you can do all of the repairs yourself, as they could end up malfunctioning in the future and put your safety and the safety of your load at risk.

The following are three occasions when you should consider finding a company that offers Trailer Repair in Cameron Park to assist you.


If the rims of your trailer become bent, your tires can become damaged, and it can drastically increase the amount of strain that is put on the vehicle pulling it. This can lead to increased expense in the future. If you suspect your rims have been damaged, make sure you let a professional examine them for you, and replace them. It can save you money and increase the life expectancy of your trailer.

Frame Work

If you are involved in an accident, you should have the frame of your trailer inspected. If it is buckled or bent in any part, it can keep it from traveling in a straight line, which can add extra work the vehicle pulling it, and cause tires and brakes to wear out prematurely. Have your frame inspected soon after a wreck so future problems don’t wind up costing you money.

Hitch Problems

The hitch is what connects the trailer to your vehicle. If it is broken, it could cause your trailer to become disconnected without notice and be put in the way of another vehicle. Have your hitch inspected after an accident and on a yearly basis to ensure you can pull your materials without worry.

If you need help with Trailer Repair in Cameron Park, trust the trained technicians at Vintage Transport. No matter the make or model of your trailer, they will have the knowledge and tools to fix it.

Contact them today to get a quote on what repairing your trailer will cost. You have nothing to lose, and only a safe and dependable way to transport items to gain. Visit www.trailersplacerville.com for more information.

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