When You Get Hurt at Work You Need a Good Accident Lawyer

by | Feb 15, 2013 | Law And Legal

Getting hurt at work can be a huge financial problem for many people, workers comp is set up to help you pay their bills so you can focus on getting better. Since the Workers Compensation Office was set up to help employers and injured employees handle the legalities of compensation, many people wonder why they would possibly need an accident lawyer. It’s easy to understand their thoughts. The money they receive is supposed to cover their living expenses, spending money on legal fees can seem like an unnecessary expense.

A great deal of paper work needs to be files during a compensation case. The way things get worded can be very important. Your accident lawyer will check things out and make sure everything gets filed properly. The longer it takes to file the papers, and the more errors that get made and if there’s any delay in the filing can hurt your chances of getting treated fairly.

Even if your employer is being good about the situation, it’s still a stressful time. In addition to worrying about your health, you’re also going to worry about how you’re supposed to pay bills until your case gets closed. Simply having a good accident lawyer, and knowing they’re on your side, goes a long way towards boosting your confidence. The attorney will make the situation feel less scary.

One of the things everyone agrees on is that your medical bills need to get paid. This sounds simple enough, but can quickly become complicated. Not only do you have to show the medical expenses you’ve already incurred, but you’re also going to want to make sure you’ve set up contingencies for future medical bills. At the end of the case, your accident lawyer will sit down and explain exactly how to handle your medical bills.

The idea that you have to be on the job site in order to claim workers comp isn’t true. If you meet with an accident lawyer and can prove to them you got hurt while working on a job related task, even while in your own home, you’ll still be eligible to apply for workers comp.

The most important thing your accident lawyer will do is protect you from your employer. While most employers are really good and want to do the right thing, there’s a few who are not so nice. These employers try to intimidate and bully injured employees, discouraging them from applying for workers comp. When this happens, you need to tell your attorney. Using the information you provide, they will notify the Workers Compensation Office of the situation.

The best time to contact an accident lawyer is right after you’ve seen to your medical needs. Make sure you choose one who seems genuinely interested in your case, and has a realistic outlook.

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