When You May Need VA Disability Lawyers

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Lawyer

As a disabled veteran you have the right to apply for benefits through the VA; the Department of Veterans Affairs. The process can be long, drawn out and extremely frustrating, hiring knowledgeable VA disability lawyers is a good way of eliminating a great deal of the stress. The VA moves at its own pace, your lawyers can’t do much to speed the system up but what they can do is help you increase your benefit amount. Like anything to do with the government, the regulations and laws that pertain to veteran’s benefits are confusing and difficult for a layperson to comprehend.

When you need to hire VA disability lawyers:

Many veterans place their trust in various service organizations to help them prepare their initial application for benefits. The time to consult with VA disability lawyers is when you are advised that your application has been denied and you have every intention of appealing. You may also need legal assistance if you need a discharge upgrade so that you qualify for benefits.

Questions to ask a lawyer:

The law is extremely complex; lawyers tend to specialize in a specific area. If you are looking for VA disability lawyers look for professionals that have proven themselves to be competent in VA matters and are dedicated to supporting your case and interests. When interviewing candidates you may wish to ask questions such as:

   *  Are you accredited by Veterans Affairs?
   *  How many years have you been involved in veteran’s law cases?
   *  Will you work hard to ensure I get the highest possible disability rating?
   *  Will you stay with me through the entire process?

VA disability lawyers work on contingency, the lawyers get paid their fee when they are successful in winning the appeal on behalf of their disabled client. In the event you do not win your appeal, your lawyers do not get paid.

If you have applied for veterans disability benefits only to be denied you should consider hiring VA disability lawyers to help with your appeal. You are invited to discuss your situation with Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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