Just as the United States has been struggling with the question of whether or not to legalize the recreational use or even medical use of marijuana, our neighbors to the north in Canada have also struggled.

Medical Marijuana Available

In most states and in some provinces of Canada, medical marijuana is available with a prescription from a doctor. However, it may not be easy for those who need it to find a dispensary near them. Therefore, places such as Tamarack Dispensaries, that offer to ship it are coming along. Places such as these are providing an invaluable service to those who don’t live close by. This makes getting marijuana in its various forms, such as marijuana edibles in British Columbia much easier.

British Columbia Making it Easier

Places such as Tamarack Dispensaries make it much easier to buy medical cannabis for those who need it for pain or other chronic symptoms. The medical community has been investigating the pros and cons of medical marijuana for decades and have finally agreed that it can offer as good, if not better pain relief for many without the awful side effects, such as constipation and addiction.

Not Available for Shipping Everywhere

Although many places that sell marijuana edibles in British Columbia will ship their products, the purchaser must live in a province or state that has legalized medical use of marijuana. It has been shown in some research that eating cannabis or drinking a tea made from it can actually have better, longer lasting effects than smoking it. Although smoking it provides a more immediate effect; there is also the munchies and crash when it wears off. When eating or drinking cannabis, the effect isn’t as immediate, but the effects are long lasting, and the chemical makes it through the body more efficiently.

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