Bottle handles make it easy to grab, carry and release multiple products. Fortunately, they can be made using a 100% recyclable handle. This makes for easy transportation and convenience. They are widely available for 2 packs, 3 packs, 4 packs, 6 packs, 8 packs and can even be designed for more. Who can benefit?

Stores order everything in bulk so they need transportation of products to be as easy as possible. With bottle handles, they can carry multiple beverages at once. Many companies even make handles that can be easily stacked, allowing for optimal storage in the stock room and on shelves. A good bottle handle company understands shelf spacing, case and pallet configurations and price point and is happy to customize options for commercial customers.

Restaurants also order beverages in large quantities. With the right handle, they can be simply transported and stored. This is perfect for soft drinks, juice and milk containers. Employees will be happy when they can easily carry beverage multipacks from the delivery truck to the stock room, and if they stack can even save on space.

Schools, ranging from pre-school all the way up to post-secondary education need to order beverages in bulk. Water, juice and milk beverages are popular in this sector, and can be simply moved when the drinks are kept together with a handle. In the end, this allows the student to benefit from the opportunity to enjoy more delicious drinks thanks to cost savings allowed by administration buying multipacks.

Large families often buy beverages in mass quantities, sometimes because of cost and often because of convenience. Bottle handles make it easy for a parent to carry their beverages, whether it is water, juice, milk or soft drinks. Moms everywhere will appreciate the simplicity and ease of getting a multipack from the store to the car and eventually into the refrigerator.

As one can see, many types of people can benefit from bottle handles. Another benefit about many handles is that they can be recycled. If one chooses a plastic handle, made of high-density polyethylene, it has a high recycle value and can be turned into new products for everyone to enjoy.

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