Colon cancer, colorectal cancer, and other kinds of diseases of the anus can be very devastating. As with every other kind of illness, they are more treatable the earlier you catch them. One way to catch many of these illnesses is with a colonoscopy. You should have regular check-ups to be sure that there are no signs of a potential illness. If you have a check-up as often as the doctor recommends, you will be able to hopefully catch a disease long before it progresses into a serious problem.

General Guidelines

Every person is different; therefore, the recommended frequency of check-ups for one person might not be the same as it would be for another person. Generally, doctors will recommend that you have a colonoscopy in Bethlehem, PA every ten years after you turn fifty. That means you should have a check-up at age 50 and then every decade after that.

However, some people have particular warning signs for illnesses. If there is a history of colon cancer in your family, you might need to get checked out more often. There are also some other types of tests that can be done to look for signs of illness. You should browse the website if you are nearing the age of fifty.

Other Tests

There are some other tests that can be done in addition to a colonoscopy. They will help doctors look for signs of a problem and identify them before they become a larger problem. In some cases, the doctor will actually need to take a tissue sample to biopsy it. This can be done during your check-up in many cases. Typically, a camera is all that is needed to look for signs of illness.

If you are near the age of fifty, you need to schedule your first check-up for colon, prostate, and colorectal issues.

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