If someone need to file paperwork with the Social Security Administration, they should be forewarned it can be a very difficult and time-consuming process. A huge downside is if even one line of a form is wrong the entire claim can be denied. This is just one reason why a Disability Attorney in Grand Haven should be hired before the process begins.

Initial Denial

Claims for social security benefits are more often than not initially denied. One of the biggest reasons for this is the claimant either not being able to or forgetting to provide medical evidence to support their claim. Another reason for initial denial is the preponderance of deadlines which must be met during the process. If and when the denial of the claim comes, the claimant has a mere 60 days in which to file an appeal. The Social Security Administration has zero tolerance when it comes to missing deadlines. One missed date can spell the end for the claim in its entirety. If the claimant is denied again, they can file for a disability hearing, but these can have wait times of up to two years. As can be seen, a Disability Attorney in Grand Haven will most definitely be needed.

After The Lawyer Is Hired

After a lawyer is decided upon and is officially retained by the claimant, they will start working on the case with the utmost of care. They are bound by a code of professional ethics and rules so they will behave in only the best of manners. When trying to conduct business with the Social Security Administration, they are quite fond of inundating the claimant with a deluge of legalese. A lawyer will not be intimidated by this and will work expeditiously to push the claim through the system. An experienced attorney will also be able to assist in collecting all medical evidence to support the claim, which will allow the best chance of the claim to succeed in getting accepted.

Make sure to hire an experienced firm such as Bleakley Law Offices P C before attempting to file a social security benefits claim. They will do everything in their power to assist you in filing a successful claim.

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