For a home currently under construction, it will eventually need a roof. For people renovating their homes and facing the prospect of having to replace an old and failing roof, the question of what types of materials the new roof should consist of is one that is asked quite often. For many people, choosing a Metal Roofing in Davenport IA is becoming quite the popular option.

A Trendy Choice

From an aesthetic and a popular standpoint, metal roofing is becoming much more mainstream. In the past, metal roofs were more utilitarian and were used when other materials simply weren’t available. Today, metal roofs are more decorative, the materials are better quality and whether a person wants to be on the cutting edge with the exterior of their home or they’re looking for a quality roofing material, a metal roof meets all these needs.

Lower Cooling Bills

The first benefit of metal is that it reflects solar radiant heat. This can potentially cut cooling bills anywhere from 10% to 25%. That can be a significant savings over the lifespan of the metal roof, which is 30 years for lower quality metals and up to 100 years with high quality metals.

Environmentally Friendly

From an environmental standpoint, much of today’s metal roofing materials are created from recyclable materials. The recyclable content of most metal roofing materials is anywhere from 25% to 90%. However, there are many metal roofing materials that are made out of 100% recycled metal. Metal roofs can also be recycled, allowing a homeowner to make some money when it does come time to replace the metal on the roof.

Mimicking Other Types of Roofing Materials

From a decorative standpoint, metal roofing can mimic tiles, shingles or the standard look that people have become so accustomed to with a metal roof. Whatever design is going to work for a home can usually be accomplished by using metal materials.

Choosing Metal Roofing in Davenport IA isn’t just about doing something trendy. While it is a popular option, there are so many practical benefits to metal roofing, choosing this type of material is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. If you’d like to learn more about your options for metal materials for roofing, you can check out Quality Construction Services Inc, or for more convenience, you can simply go online to

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