Nobody wants to have their residence fumigated, but sometimes that is the best solution to end an infestation of bugs. An Exterminator in Baltimore MD may offer this service as an option if the customer wants the infestation ended immediately without any extra work. In some cases, fumigation is necessary to make sure all the bugs are gone.


Getting rid of fleas without fumigation is a long and arduous process, for example. It can require weeks or even months of daily vacuuming as well as the washing of all bedding. A cat or dog that is carrying fleas may need to be washed over and over again. Many people simply do not have the patience for all of this. Instead, they hire an exterminator in Baltimore MD to fumigate the home.


Other stubborn bugs can be nearly impossible to eradicate without this service, especially if the infestation has become very large. Drywood termites, for instance, are tenacious. Fortunately, their presence in Maryland is rare. Subterranean termites are the species people must worry about around the Baltimore area, and that invasion usually can be treated differently. Nevertheless, the occasional infestation by drywood termites is possible.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be eliminated with fumigation in a tented area of the home where these critters have taken up residence. This form of treatment is increasingly used for bed bugs because eradicating a large population is so difficult.

Maintaining Safety

The pest control technician provides advice on how to keep the place as safe as possible from the pesticide. For example, no food should be left out in the open, and that includes pet food. All pets must be removed from the home before the treatment begins. The customers must follow instructions regarding how long they must stay out of the building for safety reasons.

A Last Resort

Other types of treatment from an organization such as Atlas Exterminator can be tried first along with efforts by the customers. Fumigation may be used as a last resort if signs of the bugs continue to appear. Get more information about this particular company on the website.

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