Millions of American industries efficiently provide goods and services, even when they are moving or changing equipment. They nearly always make those seamless transitions with the help of equipment moving specialists called millwrights. For example, a Millwright in Austin specializes in efficient rigging, transport, and equipment calibration. They also rent and store equipment as well as provide electrostatic painting.

Millwrights Have a Proud History

The first millwrights were highly skilled carpenters who built mills. They had vast experience with mechanical belts, bearings, drive shafts and gearing. Early millwrights were some of the first engineers, although their skills were pretty basic compared to their modern counterparts.

There are recorded accounts of millwrights dating back to very early Greek and Roman days. Most learned their trade through long, demanding apprenticeships. Eventually, the trade was primarily made up of highly valued, itinerant engineers.

Millwrights Are Industrial Moving Experts

Modern millwrights have years of formal education and training. They become experts in a range of areas that include machining, electrical wiring, conveyor systems, rigging, and welding. They understand steel fabrication, steam engines, and gas turbines. A Millwright in Austin usually specializes in specific areas and is involved with industrial moves and large machinery installations.

They provide services for almost every industry. For example, clients Visit when they need help with moves in the aerospace, auto, pharmaceutical, technology, HVCA and power industries. Millwrights can safely prepare, transport, install and re-calibrate the heaviest and most delicate machinery.

Millwrights Provide a Range of Services

Although millwrights specialize in crating, rigging and transporting machines, they also provide other valuable services to customers. Millwright services rent equipment and tools like forklifts, air skates, boom lifts and hydraulic gantries. They also provide clients with flatbed, air ride, and hydraulic tilt-bed trailers.

Customers can arrange for containerized transport. A millwright will repair and maintain machinery and clients can hire them for electrostatic equipment painting.

The ancient millwright craft is still serving industry today, although it has evolved into a complex trade that includes many skills. Today’s millwrights expertly prepare and relocate heavy machinery for virtually every industry. They also rent equipment and vehicles as well as repair and maintain a wide range of equipment.

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