Fitness boot camps are workouts designed to suit a range of different people who put a high value to the physical fitness and want to remain trim and agile. These fitness programs do vary in style, intensity, and rigor to meet the needs of those participating. Boot camp exercises and techniques burn extra calories and fat and initiate the participant into a new society.

Boot Camp Guarantees Getting in Shape

For many people, it seems almost impossible to lose weight and get into shape. For those people, the only method to achieve results is by enforcing discipline through the fitness boot camp program. You are half way to winning the battle when you understand what is needed to make you fit and trim, and trainers at fitness boot camp know just what you must do to accomplish that.

Boot Camp Exercises

Participants at boot camp in Woodbridge, ON perform an array of stretching, strengthening, and cardiovascular exercises, so the full spectrum of body fitness from aerobic and anaerobic to mobility is trained in each session.

Self-Discipline Needed At Boot Camp

Only a short while ago, fitness boot camps were excruciatingly hard and resembled the military training the soldiers must go through in their namesake training. Things are no longer like that, but the camps are still very challenging, and self-discipline is needed to get the very best out of the program. A drill sergeant is not present to push you.

Boot Camps Produce Results

Workouts at boot camps are very productive due to working the entire body from muscles down to tissues and even the nerves through repetitive exercises one after another with no rest in between. The workouts include crunches, jumping jacks, body-weight squats, single-leg straddle, pushups with rotation, step jumps, running, explosive pushups, and bicycling amongst others.

The biggest challenge in boot camp is to overcome your own mind and test how far you can go and what your physical endurance is when pushed beyond the limits.

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