The KIA K900 is a new entry in the luxury car market; it is in the same bracket as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, etc. The KIA K900 in NJ, although only recently introduced is set to turn the heads of traditional luxury car buyers for many reasons, one of which is price.

When the car was first introduced it came with a V8 engine, this year the standard V6 engine with plenty of power. The V8 is available as an option and both engines come with a very slick shifting eight speed automatic.

What makes it worth a second look?

The KIA K900 is a large, well appointed luxury sedan with limo-type luxury. It compares very nicely with an S-Class Mercedes but at a price difference of almost $40,000. This price differential has not been made possible by going “down-market” with standard equipment or interior space. There really is no other similarly priced car in the same bracket as the K900 that can come close to matching these and other qualities; and let’s face it, where are you going to even find a competitors flagship sedan at anywhere near the price.


Buyers of cars in the luxury segment demand a luxurious interior, they are not let down should they opt for a KIA K900. The interior of the vehicle is very attractive; the materials that are used are equal to those used in rival cars. There is plenty of room in both the front and the back.

The K900 comes standard with a sunroof, automatic climate control cameras and parking sensors front and rear as well as a comprehensive on-board entertainment system.

A KIA K900 in NJ is available in three trim levels; two employ a 3.8 L V6 and the V8 luxury uses a 5.0 L engine. Regardless of what trim you opt for you will be pleased with the eight speed automatic and rear wheel drive.

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