When you need a new sewer line or a pipe repaired, you may hear the two words “trenchless plumbing” tossed around. Unless you work in the plumbing industry or whole home repairs, these words may be completely foreign for you. Here is a look at what trenchless pipe installation in Griffin is like and why it can be better than the alternative.

If you have seen pipe work before, then you may have seen a long trench dug in the ground where the pipe is placed into from above with a crane. However, trenchless plumbing requires less digging, usually just an entrance and exit hole. It is an especially good option when replacing your sewage pipes as there can be less odor released during work.

Trenchless installation uses two holes because one is for inserting a new pipe while the other is for removing the old one. Cables are typically used to pull each pipe where it needs to go. This equipment is cheaper to use than the standard crane and backhoe for trenched plumbing.

What makes homeowners choose this method over more traditional installations? Since there is less digging, the process can go faster and requires less energy. You can feel good about this kind of repair if you care about your carbon footprint on the environment. It is also a win if you have nice landscaping that would need relocating to make space for a trench. Instead of disturbing your trees, grass or garden, consider trenchless plumbing.

Trenchless pipe installation in Griffin is a great choice when you need to repair your sewer line but do not want to ruin your existing landscape or spend a lot of money. This technique is known to disturb less ground and use less expensive equipment. Whether you need large or small repairs, or an entirely new pipe, trenchless plumbing is the way to go. Visit www.hammondservices.com for more information.

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