Many janitorial companies in San Jose are going green to help those businesses that truly want a green building. However, you don’t have to be green or want to be green to use their services. Rather, it means that you can use them if you want to be more environmentally correct, but even if you don’t necessarily care, you can still use them.

Harsh Chemicals

Almost all cleaning solutions have harsh chemicals in them, making it easier to clean up the complicated messes. However, those chemicals can be damaging to the skin and respiratory system and many people have turned to greener solutions. Your cleaning company may offer less harsh options to keep you and your staff healthy without the use of chemicals and toxins. These cleaning solutions can reduce respiratory problems, such as asthma and can do so much more.

Compostable Liners

Most people dislike how much plastic is used in everyday life. While there are many ways to help reduce your plastic use, cleaning companies have found even more ways to do so. If you don’t already, you should offer recycling places so people can put in their rinsed aluminum cans and plastic bottles, as well as plastic coverings. However, the cleaning company can also use compostable trash liners rather than plastic liners to help keep the environment clean and safe. The new liners work just as well as others, but will biodegrade over time, so they aren’t stuck in the landfill for generations.

Replace Paper Towels

Another way to reduce waste is to stop using paper towels. While this may seem more sanitary, it causes a lot of waste to deal with on a daily basis. Many times, trashcans are overflowed, which looks disgusting to visitors such as customers. Instead, offer them hand dryers to dry their hands quickly and efficiently without extra waste. Many janitorial companies in San Jose can replace your old dispensers with hand dryers.

Become A LEED-certified Building

Becoming a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building can mean a lot of benefits to you. First, you will have a structure that keeps in mind the responsibility of everyone doing their share to be environmentally friendly. Your building will be more energy-efficient, saving you a lot of money on heating and air conditioning, as well as saving money on water consumption and more.

If you are looking for green janitorial services in San Jose, you aren’t alone. Many people have realized the benefit of going green, so visit today to learn more.

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