Since it is unlikely that you are familiar with all the various components associated with your HVAC, it is possible that you have no idea what a cooling tower is. For obvious reasons, you will never think to clean it if you have never even heard the term before. Before you are able to understand the importance of cooling tower limescale removal, you need to know what it is.

What Is a Cooling Tower?

The simplest way to explain a cooling tower is by describing it as a heat rejection device. It works by extricating waste heat out into the air with the use of a cool water stream. The heat that is generated by this water stream will raise the temperature of the air and its relative humidity. Then the stream is discharged into the surrounding air.

Cooling towers can be found is within a HVAC system, but they can also be found in chemical plants, oil refineries, thermal power plants, food processing plants, and many others.  They range in size from tiny towers used in HVACs, to mammoth hyperboloid towers at power plants.

Why Is it Important to Do Cooling Tower Limescale Removal?

With the passage of time, hard water limescale build-up caused by mineral deposits such as dolomite, gypsum, and calcium will frequently occur. The build-up of these and other minerals results in possible corrosion and far less efficiency while cooling. Both of these problems are ones which should be seen to immediately. In order to prevent these issues from reoccurring, it is essential to do cooling tower limescale removal. With no scale inside the pipes, water will taste better, the amount of soaps and detergents will be lessened, and appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine will become more efficient.

Chemical-free Options for Cooling Tower Limescale Removal

A large number of products available for limescale removal utilize filters and salt. Unfortunately, these products fill up the water system with harmful chlorides. Finding a product you can use that is as “green” as possible is the best choice for keeping your entire system running efficiently overall. There are options available which are operated with the use of oscillating electronic fields. These electronic fields separate minerals from the water and create an inhospitable environment, making it difficult for them to bond to the surface. No harmful chemicals are produced when using cooling tower limescale removal systems like these, making them safe options for the environment and you.

The cooling tower system requires a regular preventative maintenance program to keep it operating at maximum efficiency. To ensure that the system runs smoothly in between maintenance appointments, install a product for removal that continuously prevents limescale deposits.

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