An asphalt driveway gives a home a clean and modern look and ensures that vehicles and guests may traverse a property with minimal difficulty. Despite the long life expectancy of asphalt, it will begin to degrade over time and may result in fading and the formation of potholes and cracks. Driveway Sealcoating in Sun Prairie WI combats these common problems and restores the vibrancy of the blacktop so that it remains safe and reliable for years to come.

Surface Repair

Before sealing the blacktop, it is imperative to repair any damage that may exist. Any cracks or potholes should be filled in and allowed to cure, which will help prevent them from reoccurring in the future and provide a smooth surface after the application is complete. A professional will know the best way to approach the process and whether additional asphalt should be removed to ensure a viable repair.

Blacktop Cleaning

As with any surface sealant, the key to long-term reliability is proper adherence. Most companies that provide driveway sealcoating in Sun Prairie WI recommend cleaning the asphalt with a pressure washer and allowing it to dry completely before moving forward. A low acid cleaner is excellent at removing grease stains and will help to improve the overall life expectancy of the sealant product.

Sealcoating Application

Once the driveway has been prepared, it is time to apply the sealant. It is important to use the product only if the temperature will remain above 50 degrees, as anything less than that may prevent the coating from properly curing. Large amounts of the sealant are poured on the existing asphalt and are then spread out on the surface through the use of large commercial squeegees, which ensures even coverage.

If an asphalt surface looks dirty and unkempt, it may be time to have it resealed before the material requires a complete replacement. Tri-County Paving Inc. is a leader in both residential and commercial services and will keep any size blacktop surface looking beautiful and ready for the elements. Contact us today to learn more about the process and schedule a free, no-obligation repair and restoration quote.

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